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September 30, 2014
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tell me how you feel about AliKou <3
asks the-kingdom-of-feels



I GET SO EMOTIONAL BECAUSE IT’S NOT LIKE THE OTHER PAIRINGS™ like it’s incredible and i wasn’t expecting anything like it in my shounen action manga???? they got off to the worst fuckin start like she wouldn’t even try to kill him herself because he was TRASH and NOT EVEN WORTH THE EFFORT but SHIT BOY in the scene in the palace he still TREATED HER RESPECFULLY AND LIKE AN EQUAL RATHER THAN ~*A GIRL*~ OR SMTH and he wasn’t condescending or dismissive with her even though he knew he’d be able to outsmart her AND GODDAMN THEY YELLED AT EACH OTHER ABOUT POLITICS AND TOOK EACH OTHER’S ARGUMENTS SERIOUSLY AND GOT RLY HEATED yet it never got personal and honestly i was kind of sad they didn’t end up getting married then and there because i truthfully wanted to see them work things out idk


THE SINDRIA ARCS FRICK FICIFRKRKCK the two sindria arcs did me in with kougyoku offering to reconcile with the whole group but really only getting over shit when alibaba was kind to her. AND THIS IS THE THING THAT WAS TOTALLY UNEXPECTED LIKE the two of them talked it out. they fuckin talked to each other and communicated and NO ONE FORCED THEM TO and they got along rly well????? this ain’t some shallow “we fought some bad guys together, now i guess we’re close” shit, THEY GOT TO KNOW EACH OTHER AND LIKED WHAT THEY SAW despite the enormous amount of political tension between sindria and kou THEY’RE LIKE STAR-CROSSED BEST BUDDIES……………..



nothing super important happened in the medium arc tbh like kougyoku touching alibaba’s NAKED SHOULDER was wonderful but not rly meaningful UNLESS YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT the way she used to freak out when sinbad would touch her hands like wow she’s so comfortable with alibaba yea gurl you fuckin destroy that big monster tryna caress the djinn equip right off him


THE SECOND BALBADD ARC THO that’s where shit rly goes down fUCK this is engagement attempt #2 for them specifically but it’s #3 for kougyoku in general aND YOU KNOW THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM, RIGHT LET’S GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD she said she would do ANYTHING for him right after kouen offered him this deal and THAT KIND OF SEEMS LIKE IT IMPLIES SHE’D BE COOL WITH THIS and man even with the whole morgiana ~*promise*~ thing he still actually seemed to find the idea of marrying kougyoku pleasant enough to have a harder time saying no i mean what’s a boy to do

but then like

god bless sinbad?????? i mean yea he did kind of ruin their chance to discuss matter themselves BUT IT WAS SINBAD WHO POPPED IN AND PISSED ALIBABA RIGHT THE FUCK OFF AND HELPED HIM MAKE UP HIS MIND TO DO THE THING and marry kougyoku like this motherfucker using his important friend WAS SO OFFENSIVE TO ALIBABA that he turned on his idol and childhood hero EVEN AFTER SINBAD HAD DONE SO MUCH FOR HIM IN BALBADD AND SINDRIA and alibaba just about tore off his shirt and started yelling FIGHT ME right then and there holy shit alikou is gonna be the end of me i s2g and this is only them as a noncanon ship IMAGINE IF THEY REALLY DID UPGRADE THEIR BROMANCE TO A ROMANCE…………………………….


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When you see a notp that involves your favorite character on your dash:


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September 28, 2014

I feel like Iori’s entire personality is ‘appears serious and aloof but is actually a nerd child’


I feel like Iori’s entire personality is ‘appears serious and aloof but is actually a nerd child’

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this fucking line. this is revolutionary.


this fucking line. this is revolutionary.

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au where seishuu and hiro are two loving parents and they are raising all their children on the island and everyone is happy together

are you telling me that’s not the what’s going on in the show already

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"W-what is this?"

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I’m sort of her lackey at the beginning and then, over time, we develop a friendship and become more like a bickering married old couple" - Sam Riley

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